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Home Care

As we get older, everyday tasks can start feeling a little more strenuous.  Safe at Home Care can help you manage living at home.  Our support workers can assist with a variety of common household tasks, including meals and nutrition, light housekeeping and general help around the home.

As we age, it can become difficult to maintain a balanced diet. Our taste buds diminish, and we may lose interest in food or sometimes, we simply lack the energy to cook for ourselves.  We can help keep your diet nutritious and delicious with assistance with menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, monitoring diet and eating and checking food expiry dates.

Safe at Home Care will assist you to maintain independence within your own home with general cleaning and housekeeping.  This means you maximise the time you’d prefer to spend with the family, achieving personal goals, working, enjoying your hobbies.

Duties performed can include vacuuming and mopping floors, wiping and dusting of surfaces, cleaning of cupboards and appliances, sweeping balconies and verandas, washing, ironing, putting clothes away and changing of bed linens and towels.