Bev's Story Continued...

Beverly Hunt started her nursing career in 1985 as an Enrolled Nurse at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney.  Prior to this at 14 years of age she would follow her Mum to work at the local nursing home where she worked as a cook. Bev would deliver breakfast and lunch to many of the residents and often sit and talk to them whilst feeding them a home cooked meal. This is where her passion for the aged began. Eventually becoming an Assistant in Nursing at the same nursing home.

Bev then completed her nursing degree in 2002 to become a registered nurse.  During her 40 years of experience in all areas of nursing, Bev has worked remotely in Australia as well as overseas in the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.   She has experience in Intensive care, medical rehabilitation, emergency care, palliative care, home care and general practice nursing. 


Working in the local hospital in the Southern Highlands of NSW, she could see a shortfall in services but not enough available resources to fill the needs of the older population.  Her vision is to assist the vulnerable members of the community in which she resides.


Bev believes the elderly are an asset and are valuable members of our community.  Bev aims to further enable the independence, security and social well-being of older people, the disabled and their carers, by providing quality services which meet your individual needs and encourage positive ageing and wellbeing.


Bev’s interests include genealogy and she is a published author.